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You can’t kill the ego

3 min readDec 1, 2020


Who is going to kill the ego? You?

The ego consists of a structure of thoughts and perceptions which “people” seem to regard as their true self. This structure is given the label of your name and is drenched with as much emotional juice as possible.

So when people say that they want to kill the ego, on whose behalf are you saying this? On your behalf or on your egos?

People are expecting the ego to commit suicide and quietly go away from their lives, but how can the ego end its own life? It is merely a structure of thoughts and perceptions.

Can thoughts perceive? Can a perception sense?

Obviously not…

However, the ego is just that, a collection of thoughts and perception, so it’s existence is as real as we allow it to be. It’s an illusion in the sense that it has a reality, but it's not tangible. The ego interfaces with us and vice versa but it is like looking at a mirage and believing it to be you.

The only way to work around this is to do one thing.

See clearly.

To the extent that we leave the ego unexamined, the more it persists and an increasing drain in our lives.


The moment we can catch ourselves in the act, and enquire into the nature of this structure is the moment we stop the world. Grace is reeling us back towards our true nature in this way. Every time we stop and notice that our ego has led a certain thought astray is the perfect moment to stop and pick it apart.

Here is a framework of this process that I like:

Initially, it is legitimate to state that there are 3 types of thoughts:

Type 1) Practical Thoughts -> performing tasks in daily life

Type 2) Truth Thoughts -> thoughts about our true self

Type 3) Separate Self Thoughts -> thoughts that take us either to the past or future, daydreaming, etc…

When we have a thought that seems to fit the first two types, we can allow them to continue and enjoy it.

Type 3 thoughts are where the magic happens.

The moment we can classify a type 3 thought we are in business and it is an amazing opportunity to learn and explore. Take stock if this thought has any underlying physical sensation in the body, if so, allow this feeling to evolve, transform, enfold your body as much as possible. Allow it to become the present moment and allow it the divine right to express itself.

Then take stock of the mental imagery in your mind, this is where we will perform an inquiry into its nature. This is a part that is not set in stone, inquiry is simply an investigation into the nature of whatever is being inquired about.

We can ask:

“Where does this thought come from?” and really try to find where don’t just ask it and move on.

“Where does this thought go?”

“What is this thought made of?”

“Regardless of the content of thought, is it me?”

On whose behalf does this thought arise?

Earnestly ask and see what you can find.

That moment of clarity and quiet is intrinsic to our being, it is the cessation of the ego for that moment and knowingly assuming our throne as that is ever aware.

Do this every time you can and life becomes so much easier.

Good Luck!




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